In video – Internet Explorer 6 for Windows Mobile

In video   Internet Explorer 6 for Windows Mobile In recent years the browser market has been filling up with competitors to the in-built Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile. Most of the opposition have been busy beating IE over the head for usability and rendering speed, especially the Opera browser now used by Sony Ericsson and HTC. have a great video showing the future of IE in the form of Internet Explorer 6. The updated browser will be rolled out inside Windows Mobile 6.5 shortly and the old “stylus driven” mindset has been thrown in the bin in the favour of a quicker, finger-friendly experience which shows pages in a more desktop-like way.

Read on to see the video or head to for more information. This is actually a video of a 6.5 ROM for the Touch HD which appeared on just this morning. Although this is far from “official” it does at least give you a taste of what to expect.

Link – pocketnow.comVideo