Tracking yourself with GPS – GPSed

Tracking yourself with GPS   GPSed I’ve been fiddling about with the location-tracking feature in Google Mobile Maps over the last few days. Keeping track of your mates is pretty cool provided they click “Keep sending to Latitude” when closing the app. I’ve added the Google Latitude feature into iGoogle (has to be the US version ‘cus the UK version doesn’t like it for some reason) and it’ll let you see people moving around.

If you want to track yourself and see where you’ve been you can also try the free version of GPSed. Using a web portal and the GPS functionality in your phone you can keep a history of where you’ve been and check it later or share your location with a batch of social networking sites (Twitter / Facebook etc). Tracks can then be traced on Google Maps or Google Earth and everything is stored in an online archive. I’ll be giving it a try as the day goes on, but let us know if you’re using something similar to track your position, geo-tag photos or locate others.

Links – GPSedDownload (Touch Screen)(Non-touch screen) Here’s a quick shot from my Google Latitude plugin from iGoogle…

Tracking yourself with GPS   GPSed