Music tab crashes in HTC TouchFLO – What gives?

Music tab crashes in HTC TouchFLO   What gives? Right, I’m going to slightly abuse my position here, but I’d like to get a rough idea how bad this problem is. To your right you’ll see the HTC TouchFLO 3D Music tab. Simply copy your music to your SD card and you’ll get a nice album photo here yes? Well, no. In reality a lot of your MP3’s won’t display album art. Also, I’ve come across a highly annoying problem that appears with just a few songs in my MP3 collection.

The problem is that, when choosing the Music tab, it’ll crash out and state, “A problem has occurred with AudioManager_eng.exe”. Bang, everything goes all nasty and you have to report an error to Microsoft. Bleugh. The issue, which I’ve found through much Googling and messing about, seems to be down to your MP3 files and the detail within them. However, what’s really tricky is FINDING OUT which MP3 is causing the issue. The only work-around I’ve found is to remove all the files off my card, set the Touch HD (or Touch Diamond etc) to “ActiveSync” and then copy all the files back again one-at-a-time whilst sitting on the Music tab. Painful. Very painful. Other solutions include removing the Music tab all together and installing another MP3 app like the rather splendid S2P (Slide 2 Play).

Read on to see my favourite error message of the day and do let me know if you’ve experienced something similar!

Link – S2P (Slide 2 Play)

Music tab crashes in HTC TouchFLO   What gives?