MWC – MDA Compact V pictured, Touch Vairy confuses

MWC   MDA Compact V pictured, Touch Vairy confuses Right, the HTC Touch Diamond2. It’s like the original Touch Diamond but this time there’s an uprated 5 megapixel camera, high-res 3.2 inch 480×800 WVGA screen, zoom bar, longer life battery and external storage in the shape of a microSD card. T-Mobile will be carrying it and calling it the T-Mobile MDA Compact V and, by their track history, we can assume that the HTC Touch Pro2 would be popping up as the T-Mobile Vario V too. On that second point don’t start saving your money just yet, because the Vario IV (Touch Pro I) only appeared on the T-Mobile site a few weeks ago.

Anyhoo, here’s the HTC Touch Diamond2 in it’s T-Mobile MDA Compact V clothes thanks to our friends at On the same page you’ll see something called the T-Mobile Vairy Touch. Now, if you weren’t confused already you’d better spin round and start getting dizzy. This looks like the original HTC Touch which kinda got renewed recently in the shape of the HTC Touch Viva.. err.. which in turn got launched recently as the T-Mobile MDA Basic. Now, this T-Mobile Vairy Touch might look the same and sound the same but it’s not powered by Windows Mobile. Oh, and it’s nothing to do with the MDA Vario range which generally have slide-out QWERTY keyboards.. and run Windows Mobile. Sheesh.. it’s like the Omnia HD confusion. 🙂

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