MWC – Microsoft Recite. Never forget a thing!

MWC   Microsoft Recite. Never forget a thing! We got to see Microsoft Recite recently. It’s ideal for those of you who, like me, may forget a thing or two. It works by recording your voice. Press “Remember” and say something like, “Bills birthday is February 20th. Get a stripper, he loves the ladies”. Once you’ve done this it’s just a matter of pressing the “Search” button and saying, “When is Bills birthday?” The results will pop up on screen and you’ll hear them played back.

After you’ve put enough data in (which is easy enough, because you … just.. talk..) it should know almost everything you need. Imagine it – you just pick up your phone, press “Search” and say, “What’s the name of that new manager at work?” It could end up getting you out of a lot of scrapes! 🙂

It’s free and available to try now. Point Internet Explorer on your phone to or head there now and install from your computer.

Link –