Skyfire adds Facebook and Twitter – This is hot

Skyfire adds Facebook and Twitter   This is hot Hey, remember Skyfire? Yeah, the browser for your phone that’ll do YouTube and more. Well, check out version 0.9 Beta. It’s out today and now you can fully integrate your favourite social networking sites. Check out this screenshot of the main page – add your Facebook Account and Twitter easily. You can post updates directly into Facebook or Twitter or publish web pages to either by using the share menu in Skyfire.

The “real-time activity wall” also aggregates feeds from news, media and your favourite RSS feeds from all around the web. Skyfire has also integrated the “text wrapping”-feature we’ve seen on the latest version of Opera. This eliminates the need for heavy left-right scrolling when reading blocks of text on the web. Skyfire 0.9 also supports WVGA and WQVGA resolution, which means Omnia and Xperia X1 users can give it a spin too.

Don’t forget that this web browser is completely free and you can download it at – browse to it on your PC or on your phone to install direct.

Links – get.skyfire.comPress Release