GSmart G1200 and a load more coming from Gigabyte

GSmart G1200 and a load more coming from Gigabyte Next week it’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is the platform being used by many handset manufacturers to launch their new kit. Giga-Byte Communications have already pinged us about their new GSmart devices and they’ll be getting a full announcement very soon.

The new devices will slot into three categories, Multimedia, Business and Style. Two devices are in the Multimedia category, with the MS820 being one of them. The other will have increased specs with TV capabilities.

The only other device mentioned is the S1200, which we presume is this handset here. It has a 528Mhz Qualcomm 7200A CPU with WinMo 6.1 (upgradeable to 6.5) and promises to “help people work more efficiently, surf the Web, and enjoy their favorite movies and music, delivering a truly connected experience”.

For more on the Mobile World Congress, tune in early next week for the announcements!

Link – Giga-Byte Communications