PointUI Home 2 now available. Download this. Now.

PointUI Home 2 now available. Download this. Now. Guess what’s just popped up ? Yep, it’s the free version of PointUI Home 2. It’s had quite an overhaul and looks just stunning. There’s various CAB files available to download depending on the handset you have – just grab the beta here.

There’s loads of functionality and customization and, despite the paid-for version just around the corner, there’s no time limit on this free version. Just check out the screenshots then grab it – you may need to go into Settings->Personal->Today->Items and remove everything apart from “PointUI Home” to get going.

Trust me on this one, give this a go, even if you weren’t bowled over by the first PointUI Home, this is bloody lovely and blends into Windows Mobile much better than ever before. I’m loving the slideshow feature.. I just wish I could pick the storage card as a source! 🙁

Link – PointUI Home 2(Download)
Credit – Duncan Smith