So – SkyBox and My Phone. What’s the deal?

So   SkyBox and My Phone. Whats the deal? Here in the UK there’ll be several confused people after news of SkyBox appeared on the web. No, it’s nothing to do with Sky TV or their Sky Box, it’s actually a system to sync information between your mobile phone and the web and it’s from the people at Microsoft. The service will let you back up and restore data via a password-protected site, share photos from your phone with family and friends plus you can access and update your contacts and appointments via the web.

With me so far? Good, because now I’m going to lose you entirely. Sure, the URL is but it’s actually branded “My Phone” and… it’s down. Let me explain. It seems that someone threw the switch a little early and, as the people at Carlsberg say, it’s not quite ready yet. We’ll let you know more when things kick into full swing.

Update – More info direct from Microsoft here at

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Credit – Jack Brand