A fiver for unlimited browsing on Orange?

A fiver for unlimited browsing on Orange? Shh.. we’re hearing on the grapevine that Orange have a new data bundle. It’s £5 per month and you get unlimited mobile internet browsing anytime. Want to know more? Well, according to our sources it’s available for customers who choose to have this special bundle added to their account when you first connect to Orange or Upgrade – you can’t do it mid-way through your plan. This bundle is positioned to customers as a commitment to the new contract term (e.g. 12, 18 or 24 months).

Now, the bad news. There’s a “fair usage” of 500MB per month with out-of-bundle usage at 98p per MB, however we’ve not heard of anyone being charged this out-of-bundle cost as yet.

Let us know if you’ve got more info or have managed to get this package!

Credit – Orange Supergrass