iPhoneBANG – A site from the people behind coolsmartphone

iPhoneBANG   A site from the people behind coolsmartphone Today I’m excited to announce the launch of a new venture – iPhoneBANG! This new website is the result of several emails and forum posts from people who have decided to choose the iPhone. People wanted a place like coolsmartphone.com, but for their iPhone.

Are we defecting? Well, no. All of the content, news items and everything you see is updated and added by a team of dedicated iPhone fans. The iPhone is, despite my best efforts, impossible to ignore in the mobile world. The game-changing impact of the iPhone has been felt by manufacturers, mobile operators and OS providers alike. It’s also received a tidal wave of support which has made a lot of competitors green with envy.

We’ll be providing the dedicated server, support and advice to the new team. They’re an incredibly passionate and talented group and, with the covers coming off the new site, I’d also love to hear from you if you want to be part of this new launch. The site is young and there’s a big road ahead. It’s going to take work but we’re determined to make this a site people will bookmark and follow regularly. Be part of it, follow it, give us your feedback and tell others – iPhoneBANG is here.

Link – iPhoneBANG.com