Microsoft ready for MWC launches

Microsoft ready for MWC launches Quiet huh? Well, it’s Mobile World Congress in a few weeks so a lot of companies are holding off announcements until then. This, of course, means that the rumour mill has already started spinning along with lots of “announcements of planned announcements” hitting inboxes across the web. have news of a MobileMe competitor being announced by Microsoft. MobileMe is an Apple product which automatically sends new email, contacts, and calendar events to your Mac, PC, iPhone and iPod touch using the “cloud”. The new Microsoft Azure platform is to compete and will grow with SkyBox and SkyMarket letting your keep your data in sync. SkyBox will let you sync your data with the web and Microsoft will offer backup / restore service and data sharing. Your contacts, email, texts, pictures and calendar appointments will all be sync’d with the cloud. Microsoft is also offering an Exchange solution in the shape of SkyLine, along with SkyMarket to act as an app-store for Windows Mobile users.

There’s also news of an offial announcement for Windows Mobile 6.5.

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Credit – Ian Harkins