Hey Mr DJ, Gimme a fat beat

Hey Mr DJ, Gimme a fat beat Last night a DJ saved my life, yeah. Now you can too, with DJ Party Mixer from Makayama. For just $12.99 (£8.92 / €9.95) you can compile and edito playlists and mix your MP3’s in real time.

Originally meant for the iPhone the strict rights management stopped development so Windows Mobile was the way forward. You can set cue points, count the beats per minute and have fun playing with music. Every MP3 file on your device becomes part of your record box with 40 sound effects available to add extra flair. You can then feed the tunes out of the phone speaker or the headphones into an amplifier to entertain your mates!

There’s a free trial available, so you can try it out now.

Link – DJ Party Mixer