Microsoft invests in multi-touch company N-trig

Microsoft invests in multi touch company N trig Whilst this story does mention Windows 7 and not Windows Mobile, it’s still good to see Microsoft splashing the cash on buying a company which specialises in multi-touch technology. The company in question is called N-trig, and a quick look at their website reveals the possibilites. Ian LeGrow, Group Programme Manager for Windows Client at Microsoft, says of the deal…

“With the introduction of multi-touch in Windows 7, integrated with N-trig’s DuoSense technology, our customers will have a new and natural way to interact with their PCs. By simulating the way people write and touch naturally, N-trig is helping to make it easier to navigate your PC and enable a new class of Windows experiences.”

Great news, but we’d like to official start begging to see this technology pop up in Windows Mobile too. The rise and rise of the touch-screen Windows Mobiles make this feature more important which each passing month.

Link – N-trig Press Release