HTC Car kits available – take your phone for a ride

HTC Car kits available   take your phone for a ride If there’s one thing that annoys me it’s that moment when you go round a corner and your phone slips off the side of the passenger seat. Why do I do it still? It wedges itself somewhere deep between the door and the seat and then, when you pull over to find it, you’ll hear it ring just as you jam your hand under the seat and find a stinky old burger instead.

Time for a proper car kit. Devicewire have a selection of car kits. This HTC generic one will work with all HTC’s and includes a charger and gooseneck holder so you can stick it to your windscreen and hold your device steady. It’ll work with all HTC’s, even the Touch HD. There’s also specially designed HTC car kit for the Touch Pro, Diamond and TyTN II. All for £19.99 and you get free delivery!

Links – HTC generic kitTouch ProDiamondTyTN II

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