The Shadow is dead, long live the Shadow

The Shadow is dead, long live the Shadow Yup, it looks like the all-new T-Mobile (USA) Shadow will be called the.. err.. T-Mobile Shadow. It’s already had a firm hands-on at Now, we’ve always thought that the new one would be called the Shadow II (which would make sense following the original Shadow), but it seems that T-Mobile USA isn’t having any of it and is simply calling it the “new T-Mobile Shadow”.

The non-touch phone will get a TI Omap 260Mhz CPU with 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM and a 320×240 pixel screen. There’s also apparently a 2 megapixel camera (oh, how 2007) and quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE with WiFi and Bluetooth. Hmm.. Let’s think here. If I didn’t mind losing the WiFi capability, what’s the difference between the all-new Shadow and the HTC Touch Dual we mentioned earlier? It’s got a faster processor and, if you stuck an un-official ROM on there (which we’d never recommend, of course), you’d have something pretty similar?

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