Qik – Live video from your Windows Mobile phone

Qik   Live video from your Windows Mobile phone Christmas is a time for family, but if your entire family can’t be there qik could come to your rescue. They have just announced support for 20 new phones, including the Samsung Omnia, HTC Touch Pro, Touch HD and Motorola Q to name just a few. It’ll also use data cards to help with poor network connections and there’s a nippier feel to on-screen functions.

What is Qik? It’s a way to broadcast live video from your phone easily. Your friends and family can then see you or your children enjoying that new present – live. You can also send out Twitter updates once you’ve streamed a video or post it direct to your YouTube account. If anyone misses your live video or you’d like to keep it private, don’t worry – Qik will upload your video after you’ve finished streaming and you can lock it down so that only your nearest and dearest can watch it.

You can use your WiFi or 3G connection, however a GPRS connection will…just about work too. Don’t worry if you have drop-outs, the program will upload your video (even via ActiveSync) and then everyone will see the super-smooth video after you’ve finished uploading. A good data package is pretty essential if you’re going to use your network to send or stream the video.

Link – qik.com