Merry Christmas from !

Merry Christmas from ! I’ve just spent 30 minutes looking for a parking space, 5 minutes sitting behind a guy who was arguing about a parking space, 30 minutes queuing in the bank and an hour battling through shops. Then, in the local supermarket, I witnessed the utter madness of people panic-buying milk and sugar as if the shops are going to be closed for the next month. Yes, it’s Christmas, a time of joy, goodwill and collosal amounts of mince pies.

This year has been especially special for me with the birth of our son, Billy. He’s a fantastically happy baby and it’s great to spend every day with him. There’s definitely a little added pressure on me now, but it’s something I thrive on. Your emails, messages and posts make the site what it is and I want to thank everyone who’s contacted me during 2008. I also want to pass on my Christmas wishes to every last one of you, have a great New Year too!

The site has undergone a number of back-end changes recently and we’re planning more noticeable alterations in 2009. There’s also something else approaching which I’ll let you know more about when things are ready. During the festive season the site will still be updated, although the mince pies, turkey, Christmas pudding and wine may slow things down a little 🙂