Cool apps from Trinket Software

Cool apps from Trinket Software Tom Harvey has been onto us about Trinket Software. He’s spotted their cool applications which include No Calls, PowerSMS and Fake Call. You can try the software or buy for $9.99 (£6.70), except for Fake Call, which is $4.95 (£3.33).

No Calls will automatically reject calls depending on the caller. The simple interface lets you setup who is allowed through and who should be blocked – ideal for meetings or important events where only the most crucial calls should be allowed. PowerSMS, shown here, will let you send notes to yourself, send group texts, send auto-replies, schedule SMS’s and backup or restore your texts. It’s recently been updated to add extra functionality. Meanwhile Fake Call is a cunning way to escape dull meetings or family events this Christmas! 🙂

Link – Trinket Software

Credit – Tom Harvey