Microsoft Livelabs release Seadragon.. for the iPhone

Microsoft Livelabs release Seadragon.. for the iPhone couple of days now and I want to thank everyone who’s emailed in about it. Microsoft has launched their first ever iPhone application, called Seadragon. It lets iPhone users look at high resolution pictures and zoom in on them easily over the net.

Whilst I can see the reason why Microsoft chose the iPhone, it still leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of most Windows Mobile users. The in-built “Pictures and Videos” application included in Windows Mobile was made by Microsoft. Sure, it’s not meant to compete with Seadragon but that doesn’t make it any better – it’ll forget what directory you’re working on and slowing to a crawl when you have more than a couple of dozen photos. The HTC Album application, and other apps like SplashPhoto and Kinoma make the in-built Microsoft app look even worse. Simply put, it’s like Microsoft supplying “Notepad” for Windows Vista owners and then releasing “Microsoft Office” for Mac owners first.

Going to the Microsoft Livelabs site and choosing “Get Seadragon Mobile” shouldn’t take me to the Apple iPhone store. It just feels … wrong. The Windows Mobile phone should have those Microsoft-made apps first, regardless of the reasons.

Links – BBC NewsSeadragon