BBC iPlayer on Windows Mobile – Another way!

BBC iPlayer on Windows Mobile   Another way! Earlier in the week we took a look at the new Skyfire browser and it’s Flash capabilities. A lot of interest centred around the BBC iPlayer, which at last became sort-of-functional in Skyfire and has long been a “want” of most Windows Mobile users. Now the guys at WMPowerUser have posted a video on how to get it working within the Opera browser.

The tip, from involves a tiny bit of tweaking in the Opera settings, but once done you can indeed browse to the mobile version of the BBC iPlayer and watch your favourite shows like Top Gear, Live at the Apollo or even that Dancing rubbish if you want. The change involves setting your Opera config to tell the world that it’s a Samsung Omnia, then videos should appear and stream in the HTC Streaming Media app. Whilst this might not work in every HTC phone (I found my Kaiser didn’t handle the streaming bit) it’s a great get-around for us Windows Mobile users who’ve largely been left out in the cold by Auntie Beeb. Check out the video on how to do it. In theory it should stream the live TV channels too, but don’t forget that you need to be coming from a UK IP address too.

Link – WMPowerUser
Credit – Johnny De’Silva