GPS.SOS – Locate and help people in need

GPS.SOS   Locate and help people in need I’m sure we’ve all seen children with mobile phones. Some of you may have had heated debates about whether it melts their brains or if it’s just a great way to check that they’re safe. GPS.SOS! is a new program for your loved ones and, with one press of an icon or dedicated button, it’ll send a text from their phone to you. When you call back it can, if you wish, automatically pick up the call and put it on speaker-phone so that the person in distress can hear you instantly.

The program is really easy to setup and get going – it’ll even talk you through the settings screens. The key feature, of course, is the ability to grab GPS data. When the “SOS” button is pressed it will send a text to you with location data which you can view in Google maps. However, if you’re running the GPS.SOS! program too it will load Google Maps automatically so you can see where they are.

I’d love to see this program work on handsets without GPS, as currently it seems to not send anything at all. If it could at least auto-answer your call and put it on speaker phone this could be enough. Check out the video of it in action with an elderly lady in distress. The idea is fantastic, I only wish we could see more lower-priced Windows Mobile handsets with GPS built in.

Link – GPS.SOS! (7 day trial, then €11.99 / $15.38 / £10.11)