Samsung T*Omnia runs 806Mhz CPU

Samsung T*Omnia runs 806Mhz CPU The T*Omnia was launched on November 3rd and many sites, including us, didn’t really cover it much. The device is the bigger brother of the Omnia and the Korean model has a slightly larger screen and a 480×800 pixel resolution. There’s also a digital TV tuner on board. However, many have missed the fact that the new model also contains an uprated processor running at a whacking 806Mhz.

Andreas Kontaxis has emailed in after seeing the launch video on YouTube. “It clearly shows that the processor of this phone is 806Mhz! What processor is this ? When is it coming to Europe?” Well, the CPU appears to be the Marvell PXA320 CPU and as for a European release, well .. we don’t think it’ll appear any time soon, but we’ll let you guys know!

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