Auto orientation switching plus more Touch HD fun

Auto orientation switching plus more Touch HD fun The other day I published lots of videos showing the HTC Touch HD in action. Today there’s another video showing the GPS and camera application. Now, I also mentioned in a previous video how good it would be if the screen rotated in every app – not just when you tilt the phone in certain applications. Well, forum member “b0x” told me to take a look at Gsen or Gyrator, as this will perform the orientation switch in apps you ask it to.

The video therefore turned into a bit of a showcase for the Gsen program, although Gyrator is just as good.

I personally never knew about these applications until they were pointed out to me, so PLEASE give me a yell if you’ve found some cool software – particularly if it’s free!

Links – GsenGyratorHTC TOuch HD – Overview Part 4