Video Special – The HTC Touch HD

Video Special   The HTC Touch HD The Touch HD – I’ve had stacks of questions about it in the forum and through email. There’s now not one, not two, but…. err… two-and-a-half videos online to give you an overview of this swish new phone.

There’s a few cool tricks in this device. The screen takes up the majority of the handset and it’s easy to whack everything with your finger so there’s no navigation controls necessary. The browser, TouchFLO GUI and YouTube player take on a whole new life thanks to the glorious screen. It’s flexible too – I can use the GPS to get to a pub, show my holiday photos to mates on the capacious screen, watch the latest YouTube video, type web-addresses easily with the large QWERTY and then check the latest tunes with the FM radio and standard 3.5mm headphones. Find all this and more in the videos below, and stay tuned for the review. There’s more videos on the way as I go through your questions.

Links – Part 1Part 2Part 3Buy one!

A look at the box, the contents and a look around the handset itself. We also show the FM radio and a high-quality video in Core Pocket Media Player.

A look at the HTC TouchFLO interface and the Opera browser. We also show the on-screen keyboard and how easy it is to use..

More on the YouTube player and the tactile / vibration feedback…