Get yourself free delivery with our exclusive deal

Get yourself free delivery with our exclusive deal OK, listen up dear readers because this news item contains some special stuff you won’t see elsewhere.

Our good friends at Devicewire have added a few goodies and new services of late. First up is their recycling service. Sure, it’s great being green, but wouldn’t it be better to get paid for it too ? Visit this page, enter your phone model and type and you can get cash towards your next phone. For example, you can get nearly £40 for the HTC S710.

Once you’ve got your cash you’ll no doubt be looking for something to spend it on. These bundles are a great place to start. They’re only £1 more than the price of the handset alone and you’ll get an official HTC international charger and screen protector! There’s even more bundles to choose from here plus the very latest CoPilot Live 7 software is now available to buy.

Now, we’ve also managed to get a unique promotion code just for visitors. It applies to any device ordered and any data card totalling over £100, but not accessories. Simply enter this at the end of the checkout process to receive a £6.77 (Ex VAT) / £7.95 (Inc VAT) discount – this means that the delivery is completely free! The code is FDCSP – use it now!

Link – Devicewire