White HTC Diamond pictured

White HTC Diamond pictured I’ve just been to Birmingham. During our shopping trip to Birmingham I’ve seen about a dozen adverts for the Samsung Omnia. It’s everywhere. In the Bullring, on billboards across the M6 at Junction 9 and inside nearly every in-store phone catalogue. Don’t believe me? Check out the scans below. It’s absolutely everywhere and is being pushed heavily… oh if only Samsung would send us one to review…

A while back we told you about a new white HTC Touch Diamond. We had a computer graphic, which was lovely, but we’d prefer to see the real thing. Luckily jouwmobiel.com have the evidence and a few select owners can change the shade of their Diamond via PimpMyDiamond.nl with the help of a special voucher.

It appears that just the rear cover is white, but you can get some other tweaks too.

Links – jouwmobiel.com (Machine translation)PimpMyDiamond.nl