Windows Mobile in an iPhone ? Ummm…. no

Windows Mobile in an iPhone ? Ummm.... no This story popped up around the web yesterday so we thought we’d take a look too. The video, which you can see below, shows an iPhone which can supposedly dual-boot into Windows Mobile. Norwegian iPhone developer Erik Kristiansen is responsible for this and is happy to boot up his application for reporter Jessica Young.

A lot has been mentioned about the “strange” exchange between Jessica and Erik. Personally I didn’t really notice her speaking much during the entire video 😉

Real or not? Well, no. It’s not. This is just an app which shows a JPG boot screen and then an interactive menu system. The guys at gearlog have already blown the lid on the whole deal which is some sort of advertising campaign for Sonic Emotion, plus if you look here it actually tells you that the site is viral marketing. There was never a “myphone2008” show and no-one in Las Vegas has ever heard of it. So, if Jessica needs a job doing interviews, please contact us.

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