New LG Incite on the way to AT&T?

New LG Incite on the way to AT&T? Rumours over at Engadget suggest a new LG phone running Windows Mobile is about to appear on AT&T. It’s been a while since we saw an LG packing Windows Mobile, which is strange in a way because the KS20 was a gorgeous handset and I was surprised not to see more of it here in Britain.

The new LG handset is known as the “LG Incite” and is rumoured to have a 400×240 screen, 3 megapixel shooter with a flash and autofocus, aGPS, WiFi and 3G / HSDPA. It’s also touted as having a full metal body and runs Windows Mobile 6.1, but other than that we really don’t know much.

Update – Aha, the first picture of the device has appeared at Read on to see the larger version.

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New LG Incite on the way to AT&T?
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