HTC Touch Dual receives WinMo 6.1 Update

HTC Touch Dual receives WinMo 6.1 Update If you head over to the HTC website and dodge around that big “G1” thing you’ll find an update for the HTC Touch Dual at the bottom of this page. It’s the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade and will bring you.. “improved usability, messaging and connectivity features”. There’s also the threaded SMS system, enhanced Internet Explorer, setup simplification, improved battery and video call performance and more.

The update, unfortunately, is only for those of you who bought the handset direct from HTC and is therefore unlocked. Philip Barclay has just tried to grab it but the site chucked an error message, so let me know if you’ve managed to grab it and what you think.

Link – HTC Touch Dual Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade

Credit – Philip Barclay and Stuart McCorkell