Moto Q 11 Goes official

Moto Q 11 Goes official The Motorola Q 11 has been rumoured for a while now, but Motorola have now gone all official with details appearing on their site. Yes, a Windows Mobile phone from Motorola. It’s been years since we saw such a thing here in the UK. The Q11 uses Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, so no touch-screen, but there’s WiFi, GPS and quad-band connectivity to keep you hooked into the grid. Alas there’s no 3G from what we can see, which is a little strange.

Around the back you’ll find a 3 megapixel camera with flash, whilst inside is 128MB of Flash with 64MB RAM and a microSD slot for even more storage. A healthy 1170 mAh battery will give you plenty of usage, especially when you’re tapping away on that QWERTY keyboard up front. Bluetooth and an Intel Bulverde CPU also feature, although it looks like Moto haven’t done added in any GUI enhancements from this photo.

No details as yes on prices or which network will carry this.

Link – Moto Q 11
Credit – Max Trafford