Another update on the website problems

Another update on the website problems Now that the “invisible” iframe causing the virus / badware / spyware problems has gone, I today moved onto removing how it got there in the first place. I’ve implemented a new security policy into our MySQL / Apache configuration and I’m currently testing a MySQL firewall, however I want to see how it affects the speed of the site.

I’ll keep you posted, but I want to thank everyone once again for your messages of support and offers of help and advice. It’s really appreciated. Following my post yesterday I’ve got a little further with Google, who are responsible for marking the site as “bad” currently. Google tells me to sign in to the Webmaster Tools, go to the Dashboard, then “Overview”, then click “Request a review”. However, for the first 24 hours there was no link stating “Request a review” – there seems to be some sort of “lag” between when Firefox blocks it and when the Google Webmaster tools show this “review”
button. When I couldn’t find this yesterday I instead clicked something else which requests re-indexing in Google – this can take weeks, however I’m hoping that the “Review” will be a lot quicker.

Update – OK, as of about midnight on Saturday night we now appear to be appearing in Google browsers OK, in Chrome too. I’m hoping this signals the start of our come-back to the Google friends list.. 🙂 … I must sleep now… Oh, and commenting on new stories is broken at the minute, but my brain can’t take any more …. 🙂