0870 and 0800 numbers on your mobile

0870 and 0800 numbers on your mobile Check this out. It’s part of my Orange phone bill for last month. I’ve changed my package and this particular phone doesn’t get used a great deal. I pay around £30 per month, but this bill totalled over £55 so I looked deeper into it.

Last month I had my car crash, so all these calls are to various breakdown companies, insurance numbers and the like. There’s a couple of 0870 numbers, which I expected to cost a bit, but the 0800 numbers shocked me. 0800 numbers in the UK are free, but if you call them on a mobile they’ll charge you. There’s various boring reasons for this and they’ll warn you before putting you through, but I figured it wouldn’t cost too much because, after all, it’s free from a BT landline. As you can see I was slightly wrong. A call lasting nearly 10 minutes cost me £1.18 whilst a 5 minute call cost me another 70p. Bear in mind that for the majority of the call I was stood at the roadside waiting for my turn in the queue or I was stuck on hold. It’s incredibly annoying, but £2 for 15 minutes?

The 0870 numbers are perhaps the worse. £3.15 for less than 19 minutes on a call. In that one day following the accident I spent nearly £13 just calling my insurance company and the breakdown people!

Lesson of the day – don’t call 0800 or 0870 numbers from your mobile.