Portable Themes – Design and download your own

Portable Themes   Design and download your own Some years back you couldn’t move for themes, backdrops and homescreens. Everyone seemed to have their own personal theme but now, with the HTC TouchFLO technology, many are choosing to stick with that instead. PortableThemes.com has been setup for those who want to turn off TouchFLO, use a new backdrop within it or for anyone else.

There’s lots of themes to choose from with everything sorted into categories (there’s a lot in the “Babes” category!) If you can’t find anything then you can even create your own with the handy online Theme Maker tool. This gadget will also let you choose how you want the selected backdrop to look, adjusting the text and navigation bar colour before downloading.

Edit – I should perhaps make it clear that it is still possible to change the background image, even with HTC TouchFLO 2D or 3D – go to “Settings” in the TouchFLO interface, choose “Wallpaper” and then choose a background downloaded from sites like PortableThemes.com or elsewhere. 🙂

Link – PortableThemes.com