PowerSMS – Free feature-packed texting app

PowerSMS   Free feature packed texting app Jason Langridge has just spotted this rather cool application. It’s called PowerSMS and it’s currently in beta, which means it’s free. Yay.

I love this app. I’m always sending text jokes out to groups of people, so the ability to set up your own groups and send out texts easily is brilliant. You can also send texts to yourself (for reminders), send auto-replies (great for when the phone is on silent in meetings etc), SMS scheduling, backup and restoration of messages and a statistics feature for checking your bill etc.

Download the CAB direct and copy it to your phone, then run it locally to install. This is a great application, and I hope Trinket Software keep it free. Perhaps Microsoft could add some of these features to the next version of Windows Mobile?

Links – PowerSMSCAB file