Successor the the HTC Touch – The HTC Opal ?

Successor the the HTC Touch   The HTC Opal ? The original HTC Touch is still an excellent handset that broke the mould for Pocket PC design. When I reviewed it I remember mistaking it for a battery because it was so small compared to the existing touch-screen devices of the time. Now it appears the the HTC Touch is to be enhanced and improved with HTC TouchFLO 3D technology and new colours. smartmobilegadgets has revealed pictures and what looks like a leaked HTC PDF of this – the HTC Opal. Dated July 3rd it details the handset as having Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro but the same TI OMAP 850 chip running at 200Mhz (huh?). There’s quad-band GPRS / EDGE and a 2 megapixel camera listed along with WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and a microSD card slot. Inside will be the Opera browser for silky smooth surfing. Hmm.. What no 3 megapixel cam? No 3G ?

We’re not exactly sure how much of this is true, or why it’s almost the same spec as the existing HTC Touch, but it’s perhaps designed to be “not quite as good” as the Diamond on purpose? We’ll leave you to decide.

Links – smartmobilegadgetsHTC Opal Specs
Credit – Johnny De’Silva