So, why not use Opera Mini?

So, why not use Opera Mini? As you know by now, Windows Mobile phones include Internet Explorer as default. It’s at best passable, especially when compared to browsers like Opera 9.5 and NetFront, however – it’s also worth remembering that Opera Mini is out there and works very well indeed. Sure, it’s a Java app, but if you’ve got a device which lacks memory and CPU then it’s definitely worth investigating. Jeremy Ash has tried it out and, after following these instructions by Menneisyys, he’s made it his default browser. Jeremy states…

“I’ve been trying Opera Mobile 9.5 on my HTC Touch / Elf, which is lovely … for all of 4-5 pageloads before you run out of memory (if running a humble phone like mine). My friend tells me it works very well on the Omnia as one would expect given the lashings of memory available.

I hadn’t tried Opera Mini, but the thread explained how to install it on a Touch and I have to say, it’s something of a revelation. You’ve got the same zooming/panning style as Opera 9.5, but three major benefits (as least for users of slightly older phones or those on limited data plans)…

1 – Pages load much faster (Opera’s servers compress them)

2 – Uses much less memory on the phone, so no restarting.

3 – Lower data charges, as the pages are compressed.”

This is a great idea if you’re having trouble with the Opera Mobile 9.5 app, so give it a try and download the Java app here.

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