A Week With The HTC Touch Pro – Day 1

A Week With The HTC Touch Pro   Day 1 Day one of our “Week with the HTC Touch Pro” is now online. In this first video I’ve covered the unboxing, plus a comparison with the HTC TyTN II and HTC Touch Dual. There’s also a look at the box contents, keyboard and an overview of the phone features.

Many thanks so far for all your questions – I’ve not been able to fit many into this first video but they will definitely get answered over the next few days. In this video I’ve also started looking at how the phone interfaces with the car I’m driving at the moment and I’ll be testing out the Bluetooth capabilities in future videos. It’s certainly interesting to test modern on-board Bluetooth kit in cars, and I’m open to any car manufacturers willing to loan me a car to review (Bentley, Aston Martin, I’m not fussy).

Click on for the video, or follow the link. Feel free to add your questions or comments.

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