Windows Mobile is everywhere – you just might not see it

Windows Mobile is everywhere   you just might not see it It’s been a little quiet recently here at Coolsmartphone. This is one of the reasons. I drive a lot and use the motorway every day. It is, without doubt, a very safe type of road, however with stop-start traffic there’s always the odd shunt. Yesterday it was my turn, and although only a low-speed accident I had the misfortune to hit a very expensive 4×4 who’s rear bumper was about half a metre higher than mine. Whilst he drove off with two scratches I had this to deal with.

Getting picked up and having my car sorted out has shown me just how widely used Windows Mobile is. First an AA guy came to see if he could get me running again. He had a Windows Mobile with him. Next, the RAC arrived to tow me home and the guy handed me a HTC Universal to record the “Customer Satisfaction” levels. Then a replacement car arrived and the guy dropping it off used a Windows Mobile to record the existing condition of the car and note all my details. Plus, in a final twist, it turned out to be a Fiat Bravo, which has a Windows Mobile charger built in and has a “Blue&Me” system designed by Microsoft.

It seems to me that Microsoft has conquered the mobile business world, but we will never stop wanting more Windows Mobiles in the consumer space.