HTC Touch Diamond Accessories

HTC Touch Diamond Accessories The HTC Touch Diamond is one of our favourite handsets, however you’ll no doubt be handling it carefully and polishing it with any bit of material you can lay your hands on. Luckily Boxwave have developed a great armoured case which fits perfectly onto the Diamond. It’s a cool aluminum case which is both lighweight and strong and comes complete with padded foam inside for added security.

The case protects your handset whilst giving full access to all the navigation controls on the Diamond, plus there’s a detachable clip for quickly attaching to your belt. It costs $27.95, which is around £15.02.

Boxwave are also selling the desktop cradle for the HTC Touch Diamond for $32.95 (£17.71) without an additional battery charger or $52.95 (£28.46) with one. They’re also selling the ClearTouch Crystal and ClearTouch Anti-Glare screen protectors which will protect the entire front of your Diamond handset. Both of these are selling for $10.90 for a three-pack (£5.86)

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