Vodafone issue 1.93 upgrade for their HTC Diamond

Vodafone issue 1.93 upgrade for their HTC Diamond Got a HTC Touch Diamond from Vodafone? You have? Good. Envious about those those OS upgrades for handsets bought direct from HTC? Hey, don’t worry. Vodafone have released the 1.93 upgrade for their customers right here.

Wehay ! Well done Vodafone! Why don’t other networks push updates out this quick ?

If you bought your phone with a contract then remember, you must only upgrade your Diamond using the software provided by your relevant network. I had a big rant about this here, so it’s great to see that Voda have come out with the latest 1.93 version so quick.

As usual, backup the data on your phone and ensure the battery is charged before you dive in.

Link – Vodafone Upgrade Service
Credit – Keith Digby

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