HTC Dream on the web in video – possibly

HTC Dream on the web in video   possibly Windows Mobile is our thing, but HTC have impressed us greatly over the years. They’ve moved forward with blistering pace and, thanks to fantastic people like Horace Luke, they have a user experience to match their exterior designs…

But Windows Mobile has always been there, deep down… until now. Soon, HTC will be making a handset called the “Dream”. Inside is an OS called Android which you may remember me using on my HTC Touch Dual. Android is a Google project, and the mere mention of the word “Google” should send most Microsoft Execs into a frenzy. Google, like Apple, and HTC, have a great understanding of what the consumer wants.

This rather blurry video has mysteriously “appeared” on the net today showing what possibly may be a HTC Dream reference design. It looks a lot like the Sidekick and, like we’ve said again and again, it shows just how quickly things are moving in the mobile world.

Link – YouTube Video (via TmoNews)