Use QR Codes to beam sites to your mobile

Use QR Codes to beam sites to your mobile It’s been a while now since we mentioned QR Codes. They’re also called 2D barcodes and you may have seen them in our recent video. Now there’s a new cool way to use them.

If you’re using FireFox as your browser, then listen up. If you’ve recently stumbled across a website on your computer and you’ve thought “I want to add that to my phone as a favourite”, you should give this a try. The first step is to download i-Nigma – it’s free software which will decipher these codes. You simply punch in on your phone browser to get it. Once installed, you’ll be able to point the software at pictures like this and it’ll take you to the site hidden in the code. You then simply bookmark it and it’ll save into your favourites.

But how do you get a code for every site you like? Well, you need this excellent FireFox plugin. Once you’ve added it you get a small button that says, “Barcode” on the bottom right of your computer browser. Hit that whilst you’re looking at your favourite site and up pops a barcode. Snap it with the i-Nigma software and it instantly goes to your phone. Neat huh?

Read on to see the whole thing in action (albeit with slightly different software)

Link – i-NigmaFireFox plugin