ROM Updates and support now easier –

ROM Updates and support now easier If you bought a handset from HTC or one of their distributors (like then you’ll be used to the HTC eClub and the login process by now. It involves logging in with the serial number from your phone … at least, it did. Now HTC have altered their site and you can easily download ROM updates for any phone along with tools and other patches more easily. Take, for example, this direct link to the HTC Touch Diamond update.

The HTC eClub still exists, and is now offering up some cool ringtones. It will shortly be adding wallpapers and other goodies, so be sure to check it out. All ROM updates and other patches will now show up under the support section, where you can easily choose any HTC handset and get the proper ROM for your country.

This is excellent news for owners and will let people grab what they need easier than ever before. It should also create a central place for official ROM’s to be posted, rather than appearing on file-sharing websites.

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