Orange Backup – No longer available

Orange Backup   No longer available Following our earlier story about Orange binning their unlimited data plans, I decided to call up on Saturday to see if I could increase the amount of data I’m allowed. After several minutes talking to Orange Customer Service people I got transferred across the seas to a lady who told me I could get unlimited data “up to 3000 em bee” provided I regrade to the Racoon 35 tariff. I would then be able to remove the previous £8 for 30Mb data add-on. Confused? Yes, me too. I didn’t think the unlimited plans were still available on those plans, and I didn’t think 3Gb was the “fair usage” cap either, but I’m willing to see what happens when the bills arrive.

Also, we’ve heard from Gareth Williams, who used the Orange Backup service to backup all his important stuff before swapping his old SPV C500 under Orange Insurance. Unfortunately it turns out that, although he’d backed up all his data some time back, the “Orange Backup” service has now been removed and the data has been binned too. Worse still, Orange don’t appear to have told anyone about this.

Let this serve as a warning to everyone – your phone quickly becomes very previous – full of important pictures and cherished text messages. Use something like Sprite Backup, Dashwire or – at the very least – copy all your pictures, documents and MP3’s back to your computer every now and then.