Apple iPhone 3G vs the HTC Touch Diamond on Five

Apple iPhone 3G vs the HTC Touch Diamond on Five You’ve probably heard story after story about the iPhone and the comparisons with the HTC Touch Diamond. For me I was a bit surprised to see the HTC Touch Diamond dummy handsets in shops – complete with “stick on” screens. Anyhow, we were promised a comparison of the two handsets on The Gadget Show last night.

What actually happened is that they completely ignored it, and didn’t even show the Diamond on the TV show at all. Instead there was 10 minutes of waffle about their competition! You can watch the HTC Touch Diamond vs iPhone 3G video here on their website though, or directly on YouTube (where you can get it in high quality). Read on to see it too. It certainly made us re-evaluate the word “review”. I wasn’t impressed with the “waving it at business people, see which one they like best without even using it properly” idea. 🙁 What do you think ?

Link – The Gadget Show
Credit – Matthew Clarke and Simon Punchard