Orange bin unlimited data plans

Orange bin unlimited data plans We’ve had a couple of emails about this now, so we’re slowly beginning to realise that it isn’t some sort of joke. Believe it or not, Orange appear to have put a stop the unlimited data bundles as of yesterday. Unlimited bundles included in the £30 and £35 tariffs have ended and instead you’ll now have to pay £7.50 per month extra for 250Mb, rather than the 500Mb cap that was included with the free bundle.

Martin Clinton walked into an Orange shop today looking to get his unlimited plan and found this out to his cost…

“If you check their website the unlimited data on Dolphin 35 is no longer there. You now have to pay £7.50 and get 250mb.. I’ve opted for Dolphin 30 plus the £7.50”.

We’re beginning to think that someone at Orange is smoking something they shouldn’t. Whilst other networks offer clear unlimited data plans with health caps of 1Gb or more, Orange instead kept their 30Mb cap for ages before announcing “unlimited” data.. now, they’ve changed it all round again and increased the costs – a total of £37.50 for 250Mb data instead of the previous £30 for 500Mb data.

Credit – Mr Orange / Martin Clinton