Memory cards get bigger – 32Gb !

Memory cards get bigger   32Gb ! I feel the need… the need.. for.. errr.. storage. Just check this out – a whopping 32Gb SD card over at Now, this is an SD HC card, so don’t go thinking you can stick it in older Windows Mobile phones. It might work on the HTC P6500, which does support SD HC, however we’ve heard that that struggles with anything more than 4Gb.

Even if you don’t own a Windows Mobile, you can buy one of these and stick it into a USB SD HC card reader, effectively giving you a 32Gb storage pen! Crumbs, I could copy the entire hard drive from my PC upstairs onto this thing! It’s available form August 23rd for £59.99 with free delivery. We’re impressed to see collosal memory cards like this appearing – it can only mean larger capacity miniSD and microSD cards right around the corner.

Links – (32Gb SD HC) (Card reader)
Credit – James-Ross Harrison