GSmart MS800 and MW700 Reviewed

GSmart MS800 and MW700 Reviewed If I’m honest I really didn’t expect a great deal from these two GSmart handsets when they arrived some weeks back. It’s the first time I’ve seen or used a GSmart phone. The devices are pretty much the same, with the only difference being a 3G / HSDPA and video-calling capability in the MS800. However, the reality is that these phones… are actually pretty damned good.

The specs list is a good starter – WiFi, Bluetooth, microSD slot, GPS, FM Radio, 520Mhz CPU and a 2 megapixel camera that produces perhaps the best shots I’ve seen from a camera of that resolution. The “Smart Touch” GUI works well and it’s all packaged in a well-built design which is relatively thin.

Get more on these two handsets in our review, which includes the usual overview videos, close-up shots and internal screens. Never mind those unboxing videos, this is a review 😉

Link – GSmart MS800 and MW700 Review