Those Orange rough Diamonds

Those Orange rough Diamonds There’s been quite a bit of discussion about the HTC Touch Diamond handsets sold by Orange. Our forums have been buzzing with stories of short battery life and other issues. According to insiders at Orange there’s actually 7 known issues with the software, including a problem which shows itself in the “Tweeter” game. It seems that, on some handsets, the ball moves by itself even when the phone isn’t tilted. This indicates a possible calibration issue on the tilt sensors.

The short battery life issue appears to relate to a couple of batches of Diamond handsets. Also, Orange staff themselves are also now having problems getting hold of the HTC Touch Diamond, with new supplies being used to fill back-orders and new customers first.

For me, I sat in the HTC Press Launch looking at the Orange-branded version of the device. It showed an Orange-branded TouchFLO 3D system and several Orange plugins, however the actual finished device seems to have none of the Orange software or tweaks – just a simple Orange logo on the back. The T-Mobile version (aka the MDA Compact IV) also seems to have lost the rather excellent YouTube application.